Q&A: Can you force someone to take a paternity test?

Question by KB:Can you force someone to take a paternity test? This is for my friend: She had a baby a few months ago. She went to court yesterday to try to establish custody and child, but the mediator, he said, because the father did not appear or take a paternity test that he was not responsible for the maintenance. She can not afford a lawyer. # 1) Is this true? Is a deadbeat that 15 babies out there, refusing a paternity test and get no whiskey? # 2) While there is a way to force him to take the test? Best answer: Answer

Yes, you can fertilize the female race as a whole and not have to worry about maintenance.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Can you force someone to take a paternity test?”

  1. Mediators are for people who want to be civil in their cases.
    Your “friend” needs to realize it’s time to play hardball.

    She needs to file suit against him for child support.
    She can do that herself with the help of legal aid services if necessary.

    The Court can then order him to submit to a paternity test,
    or find in her favor if he refuses to submit or appear.

  2. she needs to get a court order for child support to get him to do the paternity test. without that, he can choose not to take it

  3. You would have to get a court order to force someone to get a paternity test. The best way to go about establishing custody, child support and paternity is with the help of a family law attorney. This article on paternity might help: http://www.westpalmbeachdivorcelawyer.com/practice-areas/paternity-tests/

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