Q&A: Can you get a paternity test done before you give birth?

Question by Allana:Can you get a paternity test before birth? One of my closest friends slept with three men in a week … (EW) and is now pregnant. She wants to have a paternity test as soon as possible. Can you get one while the baby is still in the womb? If so, how soon? Best answer: Answer

by shadow_spirit
Yes, they are called prenatal paternity testing … You can have CVS (chorionic villus sampling), which is obtained from (approximately) the weeks 11 and 18, or amniocentesis, obtained between (approximately) 21.Con weeks 12 and CVS, a fetal chorionic villus sample is obtained by inserting a catheter through the cervix and applying gentle succión.Con amniocentesis approximately 10 ml of amniotic fluid is extracted from the amnion, which surrounds the fetus’s DNA gets desarrollo.Usted potential parents through a simple swab inside the cheek, then are comparados.Ambos are as accurate as paternity tests postnatal, and must be done through your GP … Be warned though, it’s not cheap!

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Can you get a paternity test done before you give birth?”

  1. Yes. Your friend can get an amniocentesis performed in the second trimester. They use these to screen for abnormalities, but they can also extract DNA. Since she would be getting an amnio for personal (not medical) reasons, I doubt her insurance would cover it. It will probably be pretty expensive. Also, an amnio procedure does carry risks. Her other option is to just wait until the baby is born and then get a DNA test.

  2. You can if you have an amneocentisis, but the risk of miscarriage is high enough that most doctors won’t do it unless there is a high risk for some genetic defect that requires an amenoecentisis anyway. It’s far safer to wait until the baby is born to have a paternity test done. If she was casually sleeping around with these guys it’s unlikely that any of them are important enough to actually be there for the birth anyway.

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