Q&A: Can you get a paternity test while still pregnant?

Question by jaime:Can you get a paternity test while pregnant? A girl I know who is 4 months prego said he had received a blood test to see who is the father of her baby. I thought the baby had to be born before paternity tests could be done. How does that work? Best answer: Answer

by mommy_2_liam
The only way to test before the baby is bornís through an amniocentesis and with that theere is a 1 in 200 chance of miscarriage.

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8 Responses to “Q&A: Can you get a paternity test while still pregnant?”

  1. i DoNT THiNK THaT You CaN GeT aNY KiND oF PaTeRNiTY TeSTS DoNe uNTiL THe BaBY iS BoRN LiKe You SaiD BeCauSe THe BaBY HaS To Be BoRN To TaKe BLooD oR a SWaB TeST oN iT Too.


  2. I also thought the baby had to be born before you could do any type of blood tests on the baby. I beleive it is to dangerous to do the blood test while still in the womb. The Doctor’s would only do tests that are absolutely necessary for the babies health.

  3. You can have a paternity test from an amniocentesis procedure. This process involves an insertion of a thin fine needle through the mother’s belly in order to obtain fluid (about two tablespoons) from the unborn child. This fluid contains the baby’s DNA. (Possible risks associated with this procedure must be discussed with your doctor/health care provider).

    This procedure is usually performed on women over the age of 35 whose unborn child may be at a high risk for chromosomal abnormalities. In addition, pregnant mothers who are in need of a paternity test can request this procedure providing that she is at least in her 13th week of pregnancy but no later than the 20th.

  4. amniocentisis tests tyhe amnotic fluid that the fetus sit in for DNA…the baby does not have to be born. If you thought the only way was a swab test…you are severly un educated…and i hope you remain monogamous.

  5. Actually I think the baby has to be at least 6 weeks of age before paternity can be established. Sweetie at 4 months they cannot even tell a promising side of gender. You know, its a boy or girl. how on earth can they establish paternity, and at 26 weeks they can start testing for genetic defects, OMG she is a liar.

  6. She’s full of You-Know-What. You can get a blood test from mother and suspected father to learn what possible blood types their child may inherit, but – baby must be born to take its blood, and blood tests alone can’t always rule anyone out. Best to use DNA tests-99%+ probability. If there’s STILL doubt, have more DNA tests done by seperate labs. Labs CAN make mistakes, so probability of human error must be added to the +/- 1% accuracy of the test itself. Trust me, I’m wrestling w/this problem too. My (ex) girlfriend is also 4 months pregnant. uhhhh…what’s your pregnant friends name?

  7. You have to wait to do the paternity test until after the baby is born because DNA has to be taken from the mother, possible father and the baby. There is no other way the only thing that can be extracted from the womb is amniotic fluid.

  8. Blood testing would not give results for paternity. There are two ways to collect DNA from the fetus before it is born. One is the amniocentesis and the other is called CV Sampling. The amnio extracts a small amount of the fluid surrounding the fetus and the CV extracts a small sample of the placenta for testing.

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