Q&A: Can you have a paternity test done before the baby is born?

Question by Chanel:Can you do a paternity test before the baby is born? My name is Carmen and I have 15 years. Just wanted to know if you can actually prove paternity before the baby is born, because I do not know who the father is. I was playing with my boyfriend on the 23/10/06 and was raped by a 26-year-old family friend in the 25/10/06 .. His is also legal reasons .. Best answer: Katy

response Not sure
Ask your doctor know. and will be able to advise you better than any of us.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Can you have a paternity test done before the baby is born?”

  1. yes u can but its actually pretty dangerous and they try not to do it to often because they have to put a needle into the sac around the baby and take fluid which can cause miscarriages you best to wait until its born so they can either take blood or mouth swabs its much more safer and much much more comfortable

  2. There is a paternity test that can be taken during pregnancy, but you must wait for a certain amount of time for it so that the baby isn’t hurt in the process of the test. You can ask your doctor about the paternity test and how long you should wait for your particular pregnancy, and if it’s safe for you and your unborn child. You should always consult with your doctor on any issues of this sort.

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