Q&A: Could a paternity test find which twin the father is?

Question by Old Skool Fan 3:Can a paternity test to find twin is the father? So I’m an identical twin and I wondered if my brother or I made a girl pregnant, could find out who the father through a paternity test? Best answer: Answer

Good question – if you are an identical twin, I do not know if they could? But I’m guessing here – you intrigued me, so I’ll start researching that! Again, good question – I hope someone who is an expert in genetic studies answers because I’d like to know, because as I see it, their genes are identical to your brother? Edit: Thanks Mel Paternitu Test Pregnancy You learn something every day Paternitu Test Pregnancy again, good question

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Could a paternity test find which twin the father is?”

  1. Yes they could tell but it would take more analysis than a standard paternity test,it is commonly thought that the DNA of identical twins is an exact match and it is very close but on detailed inspection there are several different markers in the DNA so looked at very closely it is possible to see a difference and paternity could be established.

    I have identical twins and was always very interested in the way that they are described as ‘clones’ of each other when it comes to DNA which got me reading into it a lot and that is how i found out that the DNA is not quite an ‘exact’ match.

  2. Yes, this is a tricky situation but it can be done.

    Find a reputable company, secondly, the DNA samples of both brothers must be obtained in order to get an accurate testing of the baby in question. Preferably the mother’s sample be obtained as well.

  3. I agree with Mel. I too have identical twins and have done my research on DNA. There are slight differences but I think these are more difficult to identify. Check out the recent National Geo on twins it even goes into DNA evidence and identical twins in the penal system. I would guess that you would need a more specialized analysis and I assume it would be costly. Just don’t sleep with the same girl and save yourself the trouble. What if you didn’t know you had a twin and his dna was used to against you?

  4. So what you’re saying is, you got a girl preggers and now you want to see if you’ll be able to successfully blame it on your brother. Am I correct?

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