Q&A: how common are false negative paternity tests?

Question by elayshun_rocks:How common are false negative paternity tests? I asked this yesterday and got some good answers, but I’d like a little more. For reasons of social services had a paternity test gave, I know who the father who knows that he is the father of our 8 month old baby has many of its distinctive features, so we were shocked when he gave evidence was not the father. I’ve been with this man for over 6 years and have not been with anyone how is this possible? If I had slept about asking this question. Please intellegent answers only! Best answer:

Reply by zack of my beautiful little ma
seems you were sleeping around.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: how common are false negative paternity tests?”

  1. the paternity test doesn’t lie but mommy’s do..wanna call MAURY..good luck with that..

  2. If you really didn’t mess around on him there is always a chance of a mess up in the lab. I would have the test done again. If it still comes up he is not the father then I think your in denial.

  3. It is easier to come back as not his, than being his. It is possible they made a mistake or mixed up swabs, maybe even contaminated the swab.

  4. I answered your question yesterday. Labs make mistakes. My great-Aunt was told by a nurse about 6-7 years ago, ‘congratulations, you are having a baby!’. She was in her mid-70s.

    If a DNA swab is contaminated or the wrong swab used, it comes up negative, not positive. Just have them do another test.

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