Q&A: paternity testing when other parent is in another state?

Question by 1sttimemom17:paternity tests when other parent is in another state? I know I can well across the state to get a paternity test, but I have not been able to get a hold of anyone as to the number 800.De Anyway, my question is, what will they do, because the father of my son is in training for the Air Force Texas Best Answer : Answer

by raichasays
have to have “jurisdiction” over the father of your child. If he is in Texas and it is not, it can be difficult. Consult an attorney in your area to help.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: paternity testing when other parent is in another state?”

  1. Since Uncle Sam owns him, he should be easy to find. You need a lawyer…

  2. This is no problem for a large, well-accredited private lab! Call 1-800-613-5768 and talk to a DDC case manager.

    They can arrange appointments for you, your son’s father and your son close to wherever you live even if it’s in separate states or on a military base. Private tests don’t need a court order AND are completely confidential, and results are often quicker and easier to obtain than the court-ordered test.

    Also, DDC follows chain of custody so IF you need the results in court you can use them for legal reasons down the line.

    No worries, call this 800 number (there are people there right now) or go to http://www.dnacenter.com. GOOD LUCK!!

  3. Get a court to order the test; don’t listen to that ‘ddc info’ answer.

    The main thing will be for the court to get personal jurisdiction. I would suggest to keep trying to go through the state agencies or get a lawyer. It might be difficult for you to do it yourself.

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