Q&A: Where can I get a fake paternity test letter?

Question by kyle3om:Where I can get a letter of false paternity test? I want to send someone a false paternity test results letter in the mail for April Fools, but I have not been able to find one I can photoshop. Anyone know where I can see / get one? Trust me its not going to freak as it is a virgin, but I’m wondering if like his parents intercepted then hilarity at least lol triplesMejor response: Answer

Tia ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ test aquíhttp
:/ / www.trixiepixgraphics.com / fake_medical_tests / fake_DNA_tests.html

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11 Responses to “Q&A: Where can I get a fake paternity test letter?”

  1. No clue dude try kinkos or look into good photo programs for ur computer.

  2. Ok, I am the queen of cruel jokes, but don’t you think that goes just a little TOO far?

  3. that is sooooo mean …

  4. i think thats too deep for april fools, but whatever you want.

    mayb you can ask someone you know that had a paterniy test, and change the name and stuff.

  5. i have one…email me at trouble0218@yahoo and i will send it to you!

  6. Ohh I don’t know. My guess would be to do some hardcore googling and see what you can come up with… but since MOST people have not seen a paternity test (and you said you haven’t either) I suppose you could just make up something professional-looking, throw in some important-looking pretend facts about genomes and DNA and blood types as well as make up some strange Doctor… Maybe in the letter you could actually put like… April Fools! at the end. Just an idea. I wish I could be more useful. :)

  7. Can you think of a kinder joke to play. Even younger people can have a heart attack due to shock.

  8. Can I get one of those too? I’m just kidding. I didn’t know those papers were possible to obtain.

  9. From your parole officer?

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